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Go For Your It!

Take the Next Step equips individuals and groups to move forward and achieve their it!  Your it is your passion; your fuel for life. Achieving your it may involve a job/life transition, reinventing self, rebuilding a team, strengthening leadership skills, or enhancing life skills.  Take The Next Step is client focused and customizes services to meet client objectives.

Take the Next Step can equip you to change your game and leverage your potential to achieve your it! Choose the option that fits you: coaching, consulting, training and/or event speaking.

Consider this question:  What is so valuable to you that you will invest, time, energy and finances to move forward and achieve it?


New Team Development Training Now Available


The Five Behaviors of a CohesiveTeam

A journey for intact teams based on Patrick Lencioni's book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and the DiSC behavior assessment tool.  

"The single most untapped competivie advantage is the teamwork." --P.L.

To schedule your team training, call 404.432.2701.

"Jane has a proficient ability to make individuals think deeply about what they want to accomplish and how they will achieve the desired outcomes.  She stretched me beyond my normal way of thinking." - Jeanette, IL

"Jane has that uncanny ability to cut to the chase without showing the knife.  If you are planning to move on strongly, this is a woman who makes that manageable and sustainable.  Thank you, Jane.  Still room for more and that is life's rich tapestry." --Peronel, UK