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Go For Your It!

Take the Next Step partners with individuals, groups and businesses to move forward and achieve their it!  Each person's it  is personal, unique and connected to their core.  Your it may involve a job/life transition, repositioning self, building an effective team, strengthening leadership skills, or involve personal enrichment skills.  Take The Next Step focuses on the client and provides tools to help client's achieve their desired outcome. We will work diligently together and find fun along the pathway!

Let us help you achieve a sustainable shift with the option that fits you: coaching, consulting, training and/or event speaking.

For your pondering:  What is so valuable to you that you will invest, time, energy and finances to move forward and achieve it?




Part of the “Living 4ward” series by life and business coach Jane Bishop, The Bread Box is about the little slices of life. Author Jane Bishop hopes to help readers create a mindset of how to live life by the slice. Within The Bread Box, readers will discover tips on how to move forward in life and live purposefully. Each person has the capacity to store life experiences (i.e. "the bread box") that can be used for energy for living4ward. Within the pages of The Bread Box are some of author Jane Bishop’s life by the slice moments. After Jane shares each slice, she challenges readers with steps of how to create their own slice and store in their bread box.


"Jane has a proficient ability to make individuals think deeply about what they want to accomplish and how they will achieve the desired outcomes.  She stretched me beyond my normal way of thinking." - Jeanette, IL

"Jane has that uncanny ability to cut to the chase without showing the knife.  If you are planning to move on strongly, this is a woman who makes that manageable and sustainable.  Thank you, Jane.  Still room for more and that is life's rich tapestry." --Peronel, UK