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Go For Your It!

Take the Next Step partners with individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations to move forward and achieve their it!  Each person's it or desired outcome is personal, unique and connected to their core.  Your it may involve a job/life transition, repositioning self, building an effective team, strengthening leadership skills, or involve personal enrichment skills.  Take The Next Step focuses on the client and provides tools to help client's achieve their desired outcome. We will work diligently together and find fun along the pathway!

Let us help you achieve a sustainable shift with the option that fits you: coaching, consulting, training.

For your pondering:  What is so valuable to you that you will invest, time, energy and finances to move forward and achieve it?




Got Resilience? How to Leverage Your Resilience Factor (Virtual)


Uplevel Your Connection Factor (Virtual)

5 Skills to Increase your R.O.R.


Leadership Boot Camp (Virtual)

Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Teams (3 Modules, 4 sessions each)


T.E.A.M. Essentials (Virtual)

How to Thrive as a Team When Work Environment Shifts



Request more information at info@takethenextstepcct.com. 





The Bread Box is a guide for readers to create a mindset for “living life by the slice.”  Author Jane Bishop shares personal narratives as slices of inspiration for living a vibrant and purposeful life. Readers are invited to create their own slice of life with fun activities after each personal story.  Each person has the capacity to store life experiences (i.e. "the bread box") that can be used as energy for living4ward.  Here is one reader's experience: "Thank you for throwing me this lifeline because the bread in my bread box was getting stale! I read it from cover to cover...everywhere. On the beach with my paper and pen drawing and writing my QUIET acronym. My head and heart are clear!" Kim S.

You are invited to order your personal copy and have your own bread box experience!



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"As Pastor, I was impressed to contact an outside source that could objectively lead the church body in taking the next step forward. The Bible speaks of a God who makes plans, encourages and empowers people to plan using a value based perspective.   I realized that planning does not determine the future – it can only direct the present. I needed a person to help me lead the church to discover where we are at present then motivate the people by pointing attention and effort toward a hopeful future.  Jane accomplished this by her unique leadership style of interaction. 

The continued follow-up sessions after our Refocus have been very affirming with great suggestive steps that I may continue to implement.  I personally have been able to shift my attention from problems to solutions in leading His church body in preparations for now and future successors. I recommend any pastor to contract Jane if they desire a process of planning that involves not just our heads, but our hands and hearts as well." --Tullos, HI

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