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Coaching is a process that can help you:

  • Identify opportunity and focus your energy

  • Raise self awareness

  • Shift your mindset for sustainable change

  • Discover how to foster improvement/growth in a specific area/category

  • Develop and implement a step-by-step plan for personal performance

  • Provide accountability to help succeed in reaching/attaining goal(s)

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Current General Coaching Plans

  • LASER Plan  Designed for special projects, time sensitive objectives, refresher for previous clients (4 sessions).
  • CORE Plan:   Designed for individuals beginning a new journey and/or plateaued with progress in making a sustainable shift                            (90 day duration with 2-4 sessions every 30 days).
  • EXT Plan:      Designed for individuals seeking to make significant shifts that will be reinforced for greater outcomes (6 month                          duration).

Current Coaching Programs

  • Self Leadership - Basic Program: 5 individual coaching sessions; includes People Acuity Assessment and Top 5 Strengths.
  • Leading4ward Leadership Program: 3 modules, 4 sessions each
  • Team Coaching 

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What clients say about working with Jane

"Jane has that uncanny ability to cut to the chase without showing the knife.  If you are planning to move on strongly, this is a woman who makes that manageable and sustainable.  Thank you, Jane.  Still room for more and that is life's rich tapestry." --Peronel, UK

"As a result of the sessions I have greater clarity for my future career goals. Your questions were perfect to get me thinking. You were a great listener.  I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and ideas with you because you were non-judgmental and made our conversations safe. Plus, I was confident in you as a professional and skilled coach. As I continue moving forward, seeking to discern the Lord's direction and timing I will keep you in mind for future "empowering." Bottom line - that is what you so graciously and beautifully did. You have empowered me to get out of a rut and push forward to pursue my life-long dreams." --Debi, LA

"When faced with what seemed to be an insurmountable work-related challenge,  I was amazed by how quickly you coached me to discover a solution.  With great ease you helped me to assess the realities, identify obstacles, determine a positive course of action and move forward.  Thank you! "  --Barbara, GA

"For over a year I had the privilege of being coached and mentored by Jane.  During that time, she helped me realize my God-given gifts and talents and encouraged me to use them.  She did this by using her God-given gifts of exhortation and administration.  She is a great leader and role model and is fun to be around.  I always left our meetings uplifted.  I encourage anyone who has an opportunity to meet with Jane to do it!  You'll be glad you did!" --Jeannie, GA

"This is not what I expected.  I didn't think coaching would help.  This session has left me encouraged and energizes." --Carmen, IL



Why I Coach

"I am passionate about empowering others to achieve their it! Engaging my gifts and passion in the coaching process fuels my energy as clients experience results." - Jane Bishop, Life Coach

Why Hire a Coach

"A coach pushes you to reach your highest potential by helpingyou identify your strengths, what you're good at, your 'it.' They also help you accept your weaknesses but won't let you use them as an excuse.  They provide encouragement and and help you identify the skills needed to reach your goals.  We all have God-given gifts and talents and a good coach helps you identify and use them them fully." - Jeannie Flick, GA

"I needed someone to challenge my assumptions and see my world from the outside. I needed to be asked 'why.' There is a lot to be learned from trying to explain to someone the why." - Alan, Business Owner, GA

What You Can Expect from Working with Jane

“Loyal support, careful and considerate questioning and insightful observations.”  - Peronel Barnes, Artist, UK

“You can count on a coach that listens to you. Before making any plans or changes, she seeks to understand the needs of individuals. Jane makes herself available to her clients and shows a genuine interest in their progress. She is committed to helping you develop a strategy to define and reach your goals, and stays with you through each step of the process.” -- Ellen Eklund, Web Coordinator, GA

"Based on my experience working with Jane, you can count on her ability to listen and ask the right questions. She is truly there for her clients. I feel like a broken record but I can't express how amazing she is at listening and asking the right questions to keep the coaching on the right track." - Tony, Business Owner, GA

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